SalesNav Multi-Site Remote Sync

Multi-Site Synchronization

We are the first to pioneer distributed database technology. From simple store and forward to field by field SQL comparisons, we have been doing synchronizations longer and better than anyone else. WebNav, the Web version of SalesNav extends your sales force even further while still having redundant site capabilities for your own longevity.

Long Before ACT and Goldmine started experimenting with store and forward technology to tie multiple sites together and long before the Internet provided even a method of accessing your data online, SalesNav was delivering full synchronization of data using hub and spokes over FTP sites. The technology although still in use is given more to maintaining redundant data in multiple locations since it uses little or no resources and maintains itself. Many companies must adhere to requirements set by Government authorities for Business Resumption should anything catastrophic happen. Even though WebNav gives your salespeople full access to their data from anywhere at any time, the Internet does not give you a way to keep your data safe. This is not the cure-all for backing up your system, but in an emergency, it can be used to completely rebuild your system. In addition, if there was an emergency where access to the main location was impossible as in the case of a fire or worse, installing a webserver in both or more locations accessing the separate data would give you the capability of having your people simply change their browser to the new site. Repairs could be done as needed without impacting business and restored by your IT department without an emergency situation on their hands. No other system provides such redundant capabilities.

If you're multi-site needs or finances are such that maintaining your own in-house webserver is not possible or your security needs are such that having your data exposed to the world wide web does not satisfy the requirements of your clients, then this Remote Sync Multi-Site solution may be just the thing you need.

SalesNav supports many more secure remote access technologies such as Netop, GotToMyPc, Windows Terminal Server, and others. If your company has stringent security requirements, please call 805-434-1111 for more information. James Stone has been a security officer for many years and is familiar with the laws and requirements in many states and many technologies that may be required or are available for your particular situation.

    Simple Store and Forward Technology
    SalesNav is the leader in Remote Synchronization
    The first and the Best in the Sales Software Industry!
    FTP Site and Outlook packet forwarding
    Packet Tracking
    Bulletproof fail-safe system
    ALL files and utilities are remote enabled
    Single button for Reps, this is a "no brainer" for reps
    Control deletions and security at the Corporate site
    IT Outsourcing available

    Work from Anywhere
    Work from Home
    Tie multiple sites together
    Simplifies Sales Management
    Reduces IT Costs
    Reduce Administrative Costs and manpower
    Empower your Field Salespeople