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Order Entry Desktop Module

Order Entry is perhaps one of the best fully integrated Order Entry Systems on the market today that is integrated with Sales and Customer Service. Your Salespeople and Technical People can enter orders, and have them approved before they are transferred to accounting taking a tremendoes load from the accounting department and allowing salespeople and Sales Management to track and control product going in and coming out of your warehouse. All salespeople, technical people and management will share the same information, working side by side, hand in hand to assure that the needs of your clients doesn't just stop with the sale. Salespeople can make sure that borders and returns and are handled in a timely manner.

The Order Entry Module works hand in hand with the Sales module and the Customer Service Module. The Order Entry system is a tried and true solution handling 1000s of transactions a month. Easily create orders directly from Quotes or RMAs by pressing a button. 9 different pricing levels with easy download and upload pricing updates using Excel. Graphical interface showing what the product looks like. Extensive kitting capability, Figures taxes and shipping based on location. Create Order Forms using Word or Crystal reports for just about any format and control how many copies. Several interfaces already supported but custom izations for your specific online system or accounting system are expected to be customized. XML or standard CSV format for legacy systems for import or for export are supported.

    Use the same data from Contact Module
    Integrate both departments
    Unify your companies data base
    Place secure orders
    Allow sales or order fulfillment personnel to rapidly enter Orders
    Track sales orders, one button sales history
    Substantially reduce the number of keystrokes to place an order.

    Shares Sales/Orders/Customer Service Data
    Selectable and default Ship-to and Bill-to
    9 Customizable Sales Order Forms
    1 Button Orders from RMAs or Proposals
    Insert Lines - Automatic Recalculation of Totals
    Set Many Defaults
    Taxes, shipping charges, tax on shipping
    9 pricing levels
    Email order confirmations
    Serial Number Tracking
    Automatically Close an Order
    Automatically Import Orders from a website
    Color coded Order Summary tracking screen