Salesnav and WebNav Extensions and Add-Ons

Dataflex Reports
DataFlex Reports is a versatile and comprehensive tool for delivering reports to support business operations. For advanced use, the VB-like language for creating formulas and functions, makes for an easy to learn, fully programmable environment. This makes DataFlex Reports a popular tool for beginners as well as software developers. Visit Dataflex Reports by Data Access Europe for more details. 

Data Access, Inc.
Visual Dataflex is one of the languages used to create SalesNav.  Data Access enjoys a rich and long history is the development community.  You are encouraged to visit Data Access to find out more.

The 100% browser-based, Dynamic "Automated Intelligence" system makes data accessible across system boundaries for reporting and decision-making - fast & easy! You are encouraged to visit DynamicAI to find out more.

Data Access, Inc.
There are many advantages to centrally deploying and managing fully-featured business applications over the web. It is challenging and expensive however to deliver the rich user experience of Windows desktop applications in a browser. No longer.... DataFlex enables the rapid development of Windows-like "single page" web applications with the rich functionality, features and navigation control. The DataFlex framework offers many parallel application-building resources and visual controls for Windows and web; the same Data Dictionaries are used for absolute data control and consistency regardless of how applications are deployed.
To deliver easily consumable information, intuitive interaction and an exceptional user experience, applications for today’s variety of mobile devices require special design and implementation. Being responsive is just part of the requirement set; small screens and limited input capabilities require a carefully crafted architecture and keyboardless touch controls. The DataFlex framework includes specific resources to make developing responsive, single page, interactive mobile web applications fast and easy. Mobile-specific, "drill-down" navigation and page designs are incorporated into the DataFlex framework. And, since mobile apps are built on the same framework and data dictionaries as desktop browser and Windows applications, business rules are always consistently managed and enforced across all environments. Visit the WebApp Server site for more information.

Crystal Decisions by Seagate, Inc
Crystal Reports is the World's Most popular report writer.  Access any data in SalesNav in any way you want it.  SalesNav's innovative integration with Crystal reports allows you to make your own reports, put them on your own menus, and change the selection criteria on-the-fly. Visit Crystal Decisions by SAP for more details. 

Mertech Data Inc.
Mertech Data's database drivers work seamlessly with SalesNav to allow you to port and migrate your data to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2.  True Transaction Tracking and the kind of Back office processing required for any large corporation today. Visit Mertech Data for more information.

More and more companies are doing business over the Internet. From emails to web pages to web forms, you find names and addresses of customers and prospects that are valuable to your business. AddressGrabber helps you to quickly process them with fewer people. It enables you to increase your profits by reducing data-entry time and eliminating costly shipping and order entry mistakes

Microsoft, Inc. Office and .NET 
SalesNav and Phillips Software recognizes the investment our users have in the technology Microsoft offers.  That's why we have integrated SalesNav with Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Instead of Microsoft office being an optional way to create letters, emails, and calendar events, Microsoft is built in to SalesNav as the preferred method.  Phillips Software uses .NET technology to interface with a SQL database to offer Browser access to your data.

Pervasive, Inc.
Btrieve has always been a reliable database technology.  SalesNav's underlying technology has our Btrieve users in mind.  Pervasive provides drivers that work seamlessly with SalesNav to port and migrate your data to Btrieve easily and painlessly. Visit Pervasive for more information.

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