SalesNav and WebNav Customizations

Phillips Software is not like other sales force automation companies. When your needs are not met by an out-of-the-box product, what will you do? That's no problem for us. In fact, we appreciate the opportunity to allow us to customize our product to fit you like a glove. We are very reasonable and very quick. We take our standard, proven sales and marketing interface and add 1 or more screens for your particular application. You get a sophisticated interface with all the bells and whistles, and "exactly" what you're looking for.

In fact, we expect that you'll have some customizations and unique ways that you do business. As long as it's not too extensive, we'll include those customizations in the price. Many times, the feature you bring to us may be something that all of your clients might enjoy. In those cases, we'll do it all for free. We may not get those modifications done right away, but if you're able to wait a reasonable amount of time, we'll just make it happen.

    Some of the industries we already have products customized for are...
    Collection Agency
    Job Cost Accounting
    Educational Loans & Financing
    Crop Spraying
    Real Estate
    Hotel Sales and Catering
    Point of Sale
    Arts & Crafts Retail
    --insert yours here--

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