SalesNav Advanced Utilities

Advanced Utilities and Managing Your Data

Advanced Utilities is a collection of tools that allows you to manage your data. There is perhaps no other system with more tools avaialble for just about any changes or fixing up of your data on the market today. Whether it's combining companies, splitting companies, territory reassignments one-off or by selections, importing, exporting, mass deletions, action item management, deduplication, archiving, search and replace, and much more.

Salesnav has been around since 1983. A long line of clients have requested just about everything over the years. In addition to the standard set of tools on the menu, the System Administration module allows you to edit any and all your data, selection lists, and setups. Defaults and security setups allow to create unique screen setups and the entire setup can be saved and reimported for new workstation installation. SalesNav and WebNav have always been multi-user. Installation tools are simple and easy to use. The rporting system allows you to create unique reports that have built-in selections allowing you to create just about any report and add it to the menu. Integrations with Word, Excel, Outlook, and now WebNav integrates with Outlook 365, and any SMTP/POP3 email system.

It may not be on the menu. If you have any needs in addition to the tools provided, please ask. If we don't already have something to send you, it can be written quickly and easily.

    Territory Reassignments
      Random Territory Assignments
      Single Territory Assignments, up to 50 at a time
      Combine Companies
      Split Companies
      Action Items Manager
      Integrity Checks
      Browse Data and File Definition
      Advanced Importing and Exporting
      Selective Reindex and rebuilding Databases
      Search and replace data on any field
      Deduplication Utility on Imports
      Deduplication Utility 4 at a time

        True Territory management
        Easily fix data entry problems caused by human error
        Feel secure your data is secure
        Easily Import and Export data from any source
        Tools your IT people will appreciate